Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
John David Bruce (Roscoe) Banjo & Vocals

John plays banjo and blends a barritone harmony vocal for Rattlesnake Hill.

John was born in Conowingo, Md., on the dairy farm.   His uncle, Fred Graybeal, promoted the Conowingo Bluegrass Festival for years.

As a youngster, John played with James King and "the Lundys" in various bands.   Of course, recently, the Lundy's played for years with Danny Paisly, and James King likewise has his own professional bluegrass band.   When Roscoe first met Jame King, at the Conowingo festival, James had just been discharged from the army, with no car and no money.   Roscoe loaned James an old black Yamaha guitar to get him started.

John has been with Rattlesnake Hill for 30 years; he has also appeared with Grass Reflection, Gunpowder Bluegrass, Deacon Brumfield, and the Faithful Four.

John plays a Gibson Bowtie banjo, named for the fretboard inlays; he purchased that Bowtie banjo from Ola Belle Reed.

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