Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
Biographies: Terry Wittenberg
Terry Wittenberg Banjo
1971 Began playing Banjo after playing rock guitar for 10 years.
1974 One of the founding members of “None Of The Above”. Les McIntyre, guitar and vocals, Dan Shipp, mandolin and vocals and Bob White, bass and vocals.
1975 Played with a pick-up group consisting of Dave Auldridge, guitar and vocals, Akira Otsuka, mandolin and vocals and Ed Ferris, bass and vocals. (Don't remember name of group — early Alzheimer's I guess).
1977 Formed group called “Southgate”. Dave Auldridge, guitar and vocals, Lenny Whitehead, mandolin and vocals and Sam Sheppard, bass and vocals.
1979 Joined Overland Express. Lenny Whitehead, mandolin and vocals, Mike Jenkins, bass and vocals, Dave Burford, guitar and vocals.
1987 Left Overland Express to pursue business career.
2007 Returned to playing the Banjo.
2008 Golden Banjo Picker with Rattlesnake Hill.

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