Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
Ed Schaeffer and Rattlesnake Hill:     19th Century Man

1. 19th Century Man     2:54
2. Dogone Daddy     3:15
3. Dixie Hoedown     2:34
4. Sinner Beware     3:02
5. Dixie Line     2:49
6. Hail to the Redskins     1:39
7. Momma's Gone     3:18
8. Just a Man Waiting     3:08
9. Hot to Trot     2:43
10.Pretty Blue Eyes     1:52

All songs written by Fred Moore
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Rattlesnake Music
c/o Ed Schaeffer
408 Firestone Drive
Silver Spring, MD  20905

Musicians and Credits

Ed Schaeffer - Guitar and Vocals
Fred Travers - Dobro
Mike Phipps - Mandolin
Mark Vann - Banjo
Willie Oldes - Bass

Produced by Ed Schaeffer for Rattlesnake Music

Reviews and Comments

“I have listened to '19th Century Man' now at least ten times, and it is a real gem!  There are ten songs of pure picking bliss on it!  The band is called Rattlesnake Hill.” — Chad Staehly (Leftover Salmon archivist)

“I just wanted you to know I have really enjoyed the exceptionally clean and from-the-heart instrumental parts on that CD, as well as the smooth down-home style vocals and the tone and character of the song lyrics.” — Joe Loehe

“Hi Ed-- Thanks so much for those lyrics.  The songs are absolutely stellar!  Your band and your vocals are arranged perfectly for the music.   Great job.  I hope you don't mind my filching your songs, but it's too late now.   My own eight-wheeler is haulin' hard on this stuff.   Thanks again! ” — Bruce Clark (Lonesome Pine Bluegrass Band)

“I just received my copy of "19th Century Man" from Ed Schaeffer (thanks Ed!).  What a treat to hear Mark Vann, BEFORE he became a Leftover Salmon.   Really put a smile on my face.   This stuff sounds great!   This is roots stuff--different from Leftover, but Salmon lovers like the straight grass.” — Chris Engebo (Leftover Salmon archivist)

“I hung out with Mark Van, or Vark Man as he ended up being called some, when he was in Leftover Salmon.   He really was an awesome guy and a great picker.   We made a small memorial for him on a mtn top in Tibet because he died while we were in Lhasa.   Tara Linhardt

“I loved Mark.   He used to come to parties at my house back in the early '80s.   --BanjerDan (Dan Mazer)

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