Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
Under Cover Jazz:   Karma Machine
1. Hayride     4:47
2. Paper Moon     2:52
3. Loafin Time     4:10
4. Stranger than Strange     3:16
5. Yellow Moon     3:00
6. I Can't Give You     2:55
7. Pictures in My Mind     2:25
8. Anytime You're Feeling     2:21
9. Rain Fallin     3:18
10. Loafin_Time (Reprise)     :56
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Rattlesnake Music
c/o Ed Schaeffer
408 Firestone Drive
Silver Spring, MD  20905

Musicians and Credits

Ed Schaeffer - Vocals
John Previty - Bass
Dan Cassidy - Violin
Bruce Swaim - Sax
Paul Wingo - Guitar
Bob Sykes - Piano

Produced by Ed Schaeffer for Rattlesnake Music

Reviews and Comments
“Karma Machine: Of course, I love the photo, it is soft, Linda is beautiful and the image is perfect for the CD title.   I thought the lyrics for "Pictures in My Mind" were sensitive and thoughtful.   It takes the listener back in time and the imagery makes you feel like a movie with life's memories are playing.   I thought it was especially nice as a unique recording.   Ed, you have a really nice voice and tonal range.   The Fred Moore songs are nice; I responded best to: 'Yellow Moon', 'Paper Moon', 'Pictures In My Mind', 'Rain Fallin', 'Loofin Time'.   I wrote myself a note: downright serious, jamming with diverse instruments and interesting musical interludes.” — Irene Z.

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