Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
Ride Out the Storm

1. Coal Was King
2. Pennsylvania Mountain Home
3. Forgive Forget
4. Uh! Oh!
5. Country Pickin
6. Doggone Daddy
7. Ride Out the Storm
8. Fireball
9. Old Lady Blues
10 Jesus Take My Mother
11 God Bless America
12 If That's the Way You Feel
13 I'm Leavin
14 Jerusalem Ridge
15 You Cant Do Wrong & Get By
16 I Like to Hear 'em Preach It
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Ed Schaeffer
408 Firestone Drive
Silver Spring, MD  20905

Musicians and Credits

Jack Sanbower - Banjo
Frank Solivan II - Mandolin
Carolyn Kellock - Bass
Heather Twigg - Fiddle
Kevin Conroy - Lead Guitar
Ed Schaeffer - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Produced by Ed Schaeffer
Recorded at Gizmo Recording Company, Silver Spring, MD.
Engineered by Gantt Mann Kushner
Mastered by Bill Wolfe at Wolf Productions, Inc.

Thanks to John Relph for rhythm and ghost mandolin!

Reviews and Comments

“I'm about to wear out your CD; it's so peppy!   I especially like 'Country Pickin', 'Jesus Take My Mother' and 'Doggone Daddy'.   Best wishes to you and your wonderful uplifting music. ” — Catherine

“Ed----- I played your new CD and was struck by your energy and expressiveness.  You have something special there! ” —Alexia Roberts

“Hey Ed. I think Ride Out The Storm is a very good production.   I played the title song yesterday.  That's a cool song!  I'll be playing more from your CD in the future.  It's always a plus to play the local talent.  And I also liked Jack's rendition of ‘God Bless America’.  He will be missed for sure.” — Mike Fitzgerald DJ/ Producer of Fitzgrass on WEBR in Fairfax, VA

“Hi Ed! I wanted to thank you for the CD.   It's a really strong CD and I wish you well.   My next song is 'Jesus, Take My Mother!' .  I do it in E- though B is more banjo friendly. ” —Michele Green

“I enjoyed it!  And we stole Fred Moore’s song off you.  (Doggone Daddy)  It's a great song! ” —Danny Stewart (Remington Ryde)

“I'm impressed at how many tunes you wrote - and they are among the best songs on the CD!   ” —Barry Wendell (Rear View Mirror)

“CD was awesome!   Good job for sure! ” — Pat Hayes (Bassist)

“I played your new CD yesterday, and it’s got some GREAT music on it.   Jack is on fire (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in a lot of those songs too — love the title track, and the instrumentals in particular. ” —Stew Richardson

“Dick and I listened to “Ride Out the Storm” and were delighted to see how many songs, and good ones, you’ve written.   We think your band has a great sound.  I’m impressed with the banjo player, too.  I’m also impressed by your ability to yodel!  Your song 'Jesus, Take My Mother' is especially poignant.   Yes, I think we pray that those who suffer will be released.  You are skillful to get that into a song. ” —Jane and Dick Mannring

“This record is exemplary – good tunes, well thought out picking, and over all very very clean! ” —Hugh Cassidy

“Thanks so much for this great piece of work.  My deepest condolences for Jack’s passing.  I feel glad that his music lives on with this disk and that I saw you together at Cactus Flats last year. ” —Dan Neth

“I received the CD and love it!  Thanks! ” —Terita

“Great!!  Thanks much... ” —Dick Trump (Great singer and guitarist from Pa.)

“I recieved alot a great comments on the whole band and CD! ” —Brett Smeltzer (Mandolinist and DJ)

“HAHA! Got your CD -- nice! ” —Sam Anzelowitz

“Good job! ” —Roger Green (Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition)

“We like Ed Schaeffer!!!!   Best, pal, ” —Davy P. (Davy Poland: Fiddler)

“Ed, what a fabulous CD!  You’ve outdone yourself and you’re only getting better as you grow younger!!  Great stuff! ” —Tony Dickison

“... all of your originals ... are all GREAT tunes... ” —Heather Twigg (Fiddler)

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