Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill
Warren Reeder with Rattlesnake Hill:   Live at The Appalachaian Jubilee
1. Jubilee Theme     :29
2. Hey Good Lookin     2:27
3. Faded Love     1:49
4. Two Little Boys     4:19
5. Silver Haired Daddy     3:06
6. Wildwood Flower     2:14
7. Ages and Ages Ago     2:46
8. Soldier's Joy~ Mockingbird     3:29
9. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight     2:42
10. Take Your Shoes Off, Moses     3:14
11. The First Noel     2:53
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Musicians and Credits

Ed Schaeffer - Guitar and Vocals
Warren Reeder - Dobro
Dan Cassidy - Fiddle
Randy Lahman - Banjo
Greg Nelson - Bass

Produced by Ed Schaeffer for Rattlesnake Music

Appearing regularly on the Appalachian Jubilee, I learned Warren lived close to the Capitol Theater.   And so began our Jubilee duets!  We'd meet on stage, do a sound check, then retire to Molly Pitcher's to eat and meet other performers before hitting the stage.   Playing with Warren is a highlight of my career!   Warren's sweet playing (and vocals) imbues this album with magic!

I also thank my muse for the incredible fiddling of Dan Cassidy, the excitment of Randy Lehman's banjo, and the energy of Greg Nelson's bass.   And please applaud John Vengrouskie, SoundScrenes Studio wizard, for his own flawless performance!

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